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Providing boat hull cleaning services for over 17 years in San Diego. Focusing on dive cleaning, propeller replacement/removal, zinc replacement and many more services in the San

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Our Company

Owned & Operated Since 2002, previously under Downtime Diving Services, now under Explorer Marine Services, our diving services offer reliable hull cleaning and an extensive set of diving related services to private boaters, including monthly services, one-time cleaning, inspections, and underwater repairs. Our team of divers takes pride in effectuating optimal results and complete customer satisfaction.

Through the adherence of strict operating procedures, we ensure each vessel under our care is properly maintained and kept with current boating laws.

Robert Beltran Dive department manager picture

Robert Beltran - Dive Department Manager

Robert received his Bachelor’s degree from San Diego State in the field of Geology, but decided diving was more suited to his lifestyle and personality. He has over 20 years of diving experience including being an instructor and operating his hull cleaning business.

Our Crew

As the Dive Department Manager under Explorer Marine Services, Robert Beltran and his dive crew takes enormous pride in honesty, reliability and trustworthiness in our diving and hull cleaning services. Robert and his team can work in conjunction with our qualified and experienced technicians at Explorer Marine Services to get the job done.

Explorer Marine Services is a full service yacht management company and was established in 1998 to serve the needs of yacht owners in the southern California area. Please check out our company’s website for a full list of boat services. Explorermarineinc.com.

What our customers say

Great person and a great service.

Robert provides a great service at a reasonable price. I had another diver prior to Robert but then changed Marinas and the former company no longer serviced that area. I let time slip by and then I called Downtime.

They showed me the before and after video and I was both amazed and embarassed to see how bad it was when Downtime started. Robert sheepishly requested a small premium for what must have been a major unexpected effort to clean it up. It actually looked like a very healthy reef under there. Downtime restored order and continued to maintain it for about a year.

I just sold the boat and Robert will start service on my new boat in a few weeks. He is probably happy to know this time he starts with a clean freshly painted bottom! I was impressed by their clear communications and dependable service. This is not so common these days.

- Ken C.

Extremely professional, very reliable.

Robert is as good as it gets, I called him to remove and replace my propellor, he removed the prop without the need for me to be present which was awesome since we live a couple hours away from the boat...

He then came out on Saturday to replace the prop... Extremely professional, very reliable (which from past experience with marine services people has always been an issue). This guy is the real deal, and his price was beyond competitive.

- Jon E.

Our services

Underwater Hull Cleaning

From one time cleanings to regular service, we can clean small to large vessels in marina slips. We use a variety of tools and cleaning supplies to match your boat’s needs and comply with local regulations. Our experienced divers use Standard Operation Procedures (S.O.P.’s) to carefully prevent the removal of the boats anit-foulant paint while still effectively removing marine growth.

Zincs/Anode Replacements

We can do just about any zinc/anode replacement. From plates, shafts, trim tabs, rudders, struts, and keel coolers to outdrive anodes, outboards and thruster units.

Prop Removal/Replacement

We can remove and replace most props. All outboard and outdrive props to standard props ranging up to a 2” shaft.


We can look over your vessel and give you a detailed written report including pictures.


From keys, sunglasses and bikes to any part of your boat, we can find it.

Trim tab repairs

Minor trim tab repairs can be completed in-water.

Thru-Hole and Transducer Installation/Replacement

Need to replace a thru-hole or transducer. Or need to install a new one. We can do it in water with the help from our techs on the inside of your boat.

Environmental Diving Services

We also provides diving services for the environmental and scientific communities. Robert has extensive experience with installing and monitoring scientific experiments and sampling collection activities.

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Before and after

Outdrive cleaning

outdrive cleaning before outdrive cleaning after



Bow and stern thruster cleaning

bow and stern thruster cleaning before bow and stern thruster cleaning after



Hull Cleaning

hull cleaning before hull cleaning after



Hull Cleaning

hull cleaning 2 before hull cleaning 2 after



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